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JavaEE vs Spring


Can you comment what is the meaning of working with JavaEE and choosing something like Spring? I understand they are used for web technologies. Spring Boot seems to be easier to use. What are your thoughts about JavaEE? What about Jakarta EE?

I take the opportunity to share this performance talk that I thought is worth to share:

The Trouble with Memory with Kirk Pepperdine .

Finally, I learnt that Java SDK has officially forked about two years ago. For instance, there is AdoptOpenJDK which is fully supported by an UK community (don’t quote me on this). How do you see ppl learning these technologies in the future. Would there be a preference to learn one over another?



JavaEE is a set of libraries and tools designed for creating Java servers.

Spring is a framework that runs on top of JavaEE.

I’ve used Spring, but IMHO it’s overkill for everything I’ve needed to do. I could see it being useful for a team of developers working on a full product, but I haven’t really needed it for my purposes. (Static Void Games was written in Spring, and it probably caused more headaches than it solved.)

If you want to explore frameworks, I’d personally start with Struts:

OpenJDK has been around for a while. From what I understand, from a developer’s perspective it’s not really much different from regular Java. The difference is in the underlying implementation. So it’s not like you have to learn one over the other. The difference is more important when you have to worry about licensing and deployment. (I’m not an expert so I could be getting that wrong, but that’s my understanding.)


Thanks for the insight. I think there is a lot of pain regarding transition to Java 9 and Java 11 and which Java to use. Probably for small projects is not such big deal to transition between SDKs. I will check struts. By the way, kudos for your GCP series.



Heh thanks. Yeah apparently Java 9 contained a bunch of changes that broke backwards compatibility.

I’ve been learning that lesson over and over again as I’ve been putting together the Google Cloud tutorials. Right now App Engine only supports Java 8, so if you have a newer version of Java, lots of weird things happen.