RUN exported processing in linux

I want run exported file in processing in ubunto Linux…so I run this cmd on terminal: first cd to file path"/root/opt/filename/application.linux64/lib
“java -jar filename.jar”
but give this error “could not find or load main class filename”
when run “$JAVA_HOME”
SAY "/usr/ava/jdk1-1.8’ is a directory
that mean is java is in the path right?
what is my mistake
happy new year

Usually you have to do more than just run a single .jar file. There are several .jar files that need to be on your classpath. Processing exports a run script file that you should be running instead of the .jar file.

That means your JAVA_HOME variable is set, but it doesn’t mean that Java is on your PATH, unless your PATH is set to include JAVA_HOME. To find out whether Java is on your path, do java -version and see what comes up. But in your case, your error is complaining about the .jar file itself, not your Java setup.

I am very newbie in Linux . in processing exported file have some .jar file

about java -version

that mean is in path?
I run jar file in lib folder. that is right?

please guide me which way run the exported file
thanks very much

I’m not a Linux expert, but my guess is you want to run that S3 file. (The one that just says S3, not S3.pde or )

That’s the run script file I was talking about. Try opening it up in a basic text editor to see exactly what it’s doing.

when double click on S3 file don’t happen any thing. which one is run script file? i don’t what you means.

Try running it via the command line and see if you get any errors. The S3 file is a script file that runs your application.

open in text

with which command can I run it on terminal?

with this command run it and give below error
is this command right? and must be I use run sketch without DISPLAY?
I Run opensuse on Raspberry pi b3 now. but when run it on obunto so have this error too

I correct that now run ./S3 IN ubunto and run program perfect. now must be find problem for raspberry pi. I connect monitor to raspberry but why say must run without display?

in below link run the PDE file of processing but which way can script file

Right, the S3 file is a script file. You run the whole file, which executes the commands inside of it.

I’ve never worked with Raspberry Pi before, but those links sounds pretty promising. Good luck.

I use this command
./ filename

yes I find answer. with ./filename can run each processing with one pde. for run processing files with some pdes most be use:
sudo Xvfb :1 -screen 0 1024x768x24 </dev/null &
export DISPLAY=":1"
Then, run a sketch as usual from the command line:

/home//processing/processing-java --sketch=/path/to/sketch/folder --run