Happy Coding



Hello there!

Officially I am a professional, somewhat experienced software developer from Germany.

Inofficially I am a senior newb. I’ve played around with c, c#, python, vba, php, java and some frameworks that come around with these langauges. I also worked on databases and user experience in UI development. Bundling all this together, I have some experience in requirements-engineering, project-management and architecture.

Sometimes people wonder at my situation and ask if I am a fullstack-developer. I decidedly don’t think so. I have to work fullstack, because at my team I am the single software-developer, but I lack specialization and at least another decade of experience.

Therefore I have come in touch with many aspects of the field, and got the chance to talk to many interesting people. But I will likely come up with dumb questions and wrong assumptions anyway.

My drive is an infinite curiosity for everything around software. I love learning new things and building systems, big and small. Since I am also a gamer, I like to peak at game-design problems, story-telling, pathfinding, random() manipulations, mapping, ai-player strategies, and so on.

However, I try to strictly leave IT at work. I can do that, because I got a pretty free hand in what I do there. I have to do that, because I have goals in life outside of IT - like spending time with my husband, Pen and Paper, books and writing stories. :slight_smile: