Happy Coding

A new website is born from this Forum! (with a new example)

Hello everyone,
I am happy to present my little website “Binary Wings”.
Of course I was inspired by the Kevin post about GitHub Pages. The information was very clear so it wasn’t difficult.
Thanks for your help !

I wrote HTML and CSS for fun but I think the result is technically too simple and perhaps naive. But I am passionate about making “containers” and inserting images from my programs (like the one above), texts, scripts and even a “mermaid” flowchart.
You can see the content at this link: Binary Wings

I have added a new program, “Modular”, for rotating objects moving in
a modular space and a new version of the “trigonometric animation” program which I have already shown in this forum (Cascade of points).

What I would like to do, is a container of "little programming that has you
amused and inspired " and that maybe it makes you dream of a bigger project or it ended there, but it left you a good memory.

Of course I read in this Forum the post on “Jekhill”, and it’s great to think about enriching the site but … “this is another story”

Happy Coding tutorials are very productive !

Thank you

Ps. As I wrote at the end of the “About” page of my website:
"If you find errors in this site, in its contents, IN AUTOMATIC TRANSLATIONS (sorry), in its HTML … please tell me, thanks!


Aaah this is so cool! What a perfect use of GitHub Pages, to showcase the projects you’re working on.

Your about page made my day. I’m so glad Happy Coding has been helpful for you!