A thank you! And some questions

Hello Kevin,

Thank you so much for putting this site together. I’m so happy I stumbled upon your site, and think you’re doing an awesome job or removing some of the negative stigmas from coding.

I myself am a somewhat okay programmer on my best day. On my worst days I run away from the challenge. While I may not be of the best help, I would like to help the community anyway I can.

A few questions about the site and community:

  1. Is there a Discord? I understand if you don’t have the time to run/manage a discord server. I saw you left Twitter (which in light of recent events I can understand). I think you got the potential to build an awesome online community here. Your content is incredible, which likely means it’ll bring incredible people as well.

  2. Is there a Mastodon server? I’m a bit of a Mastodon noob, and could’ve easily missed the link to it. If there is one I’d love to explore the platform through it.

  3. Are there any open source projects on here? If you have anything you could use help on I would love to contribute, and could likely tell me friends about potential projects for the community as well.

I don’t want to make this post all about me, as it would be an insult to everything you created. That being said, I have an interest in education as well and have worked a bit with python for social sciences. I have a site I could share (but when I tried to post it said I can’t post a link, understandably)

If you are looking anytime to expand tutorials to include python, I would be happy to help. If there is anyway I can help grow the community, please let me know. I’ll be sharing the site with a few of my friends as well, as you’ve built something great.

Thank you again, people like you keep our world going.



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Ahh thank you so much, this really made my day.

There isn’t an official Happy Coding Discord or Mastodon server. Honestly I don’t think we have enough people for that to make sense, plus I sorta like the asynchronous nature of a forum anyway.

I’m on Mastodon here, although I don’t really post very often: Kevin Workman (@KevinWorkman@mastodon.art) - Mastodon.ART

I also put together a little Mastodon bot that posts random links from Happy Coding: Happy Coding Bot (@HappyCodingBot@botsin.space) - botsin.space

Happy Coding itself is open source: GitHub - KevinWorkman/HappyCoding: This is the source code behind HappyCoding.io, including all tutorials and examples.

I’ve tried to keep the tutorials to a focused set of topics I’m able to help with. I’d love for you to share links to your Python tutorials! That warning about not being able to post links is automated to fight spam. I just manually gave your account permission to post links, so you should be good now.

If you’re interested in helping the site grow, honestly posting in the forum is the best thing for folks to do. This forum has a few users that post every once in a while, and that’s totally great with me. I’m not really doing this to get famous or anything. But when folks start talking to each other on here, that’s the coolest part for me. No pressure, do with that what you will!

It’s really nice to meet you, and thanks again for your kind words!