Calling Functions

By now you’ve used the p5.js editor to write your first few lines of code. Congratulations! Now let’s take a closer look at exactly what’s happening.

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Aloha! Hola! When I was researching a topic to discuss for tech talks, I really wanted to showcase something dealing with art and coding. Google was always my friend, and coding help me see the major link it would be too many creative ways to solve some web development issues. I was pleased to see many other aspects of javascript. I actually showcased p5.js as my tech talk. I even took a leap of courage to present this topic during a lightning talk with a web development meetup group. A couple of days ago that group asked me to do a longer presentation on p5.js because many people were not aware of this amazing forum. I am so excited to bring awareness of the many creative ways to exist in the web development world. Thank you to all who have maintained this site. One day I would love to contribute. For now, I am practicing to do a live demo of the knowledge you are sharing here. Here’s my excited smiley face.
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That’s awesome! I especially love the eyelashes :heart_eyes:

Posting on the forum is the BEST way to contribute, so thank you!!

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