Happy Coding

Can I create a tutorial?

Hello, so can I create tutorials for an altogether new language. I know you talked about contributing to HappyCoding here, but what I am talking about is huge, a completely new section. Am I allowed to submit such changes?

Hey there! Great question. What language were you thinking?

I’m a little cautious to tell you to go ahead, mostly because right now the tutorials are all pretty curated by me, so I’m not sure how well it would work to have a big section written by somebody else.

But I do like the idea of the Happy Coding community growing and helping each other out. One thing you might do is post your tutorials to your own site (GitHub Pages is pretty easy to set up, and it’s what I use for Happy Coding) and then post links in this forum as you post new tutorials? That way we can see what you’re working on, but you don’t have to go through me to post new stuff.

Okay, so I am working on the site. Hosting using GitHub pages is no prob, since I already have a working blog website using the former. Languages I am working on:

  • Python (Arcade game framework)
  • Lua (Love 2d game framework)

I will be using pure front end html and css, since I am not too fond of Jekyll.