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Creating a REST API

Now we know how to create a web app using servlet classes. We know how to get user input, how to access a database, and how to handle user logins. But what if we want to support different kinds of programs instead of just a web app? What if we want to create a desktop application or an Android app? How do we provide access to our data for those programs without writing everything from scratch each time?

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Thanks a lot for the heads up. What if you had your REST API created on a different platform and you now want to add and work with it on Java

One of the nice things about a REST API is that they’re pretty language-agnostic. Once you have one in place, you can interact with it by sending HTTP requests from whatever language you want.

I’d recommend googling something like “Java send http request” for a bunch of results! You might also be able to find a library that handles a lot of the details for you. Good luck!

Thanks a lot I appreciate

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