Exporting processing file with kinect and simpleopenni

i want to exporting processing file that have kinect v1 and simpleopenni.when run it don’t have any errors.and only have gray window
may help me
i use windows 10 64bit , processing 3.3.6 kinect v1

i want to run .exe file.when run pde of it’s run perfect

Can you describe your project structure to start? For example, are you using external resources like a data folder? What is more relevant, how are you setting up your jars? To export your code, make sure you create a folder called Code in your sketch folder (at the same level as the data folder) and place all the jars that you need there. Alternatively, Open an Explorer Window, have your PDE window with your project side to side to the Explorer window. Find the jar files in the explorer window and then drag the jar files right into the PDE. The PDE will copy the files into the right location (the Code folder).


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Also, how are you running your program? If you’re double-clicking on a run file, then try running it via the command line instead, so you can see any errors you’re getting.

I do double click and run in command line too and don’t have any error .only see a gray window

this is my code:
I do double click and run in command line too and don’t have any error .only see a gray window

/* --------------------------------------------------------------------------


import SimpleOpenNI.*;

SimpleOpenNI context;

void setup()
size(1280, 480);
context = new SimpleOpenNI(this);
if (context.isInit() == false)
println(“Can’t init SimpleOpenNI, maybe the camera is not connected!”);

// mirror is by default enabled

// enable depthMap generation

// enable ir generation

void draw()
// update the cam

background(200, 0, 0);

// draw depthImageMap
image(context.depthImage(), 0, 0);

// draw irImageMap
image(context.rgbImage(), context.depthWidth() + 10, 0);

I double click in DepthImage.exe in pic below

and use cmd:
only see gray window in both

It’s going to be pretty hard to help you here, because this is going to depend on your hardware setup. The best advice I can give you is to debug your code. What happens when you run via the Processing editor? What happens when you run via the exported application? Don’t just say you see a gray window. Add println() statements to figure out the value of the various variable you’re using. Which line is behaving differently from what you expected?

when run in processing run perfect. which way can debug the exported application?

Add println() statements to figure out the value of variables and what’s returned from each function you’re calling. Instead of running the .exe file, run the .jar files directly. There should be a script file that contains the command you need to run.

I want to run exporting file of processing that have Kinect v1 and simpleopenni.when run .pde run perfect but when run .exe file don’t have any error but only gray window seen.
I download simpleopenni.fix from this linked below but have gray window too.
may help me? I use processing 3.3.6 64 bit and windows10 64 bit and Kinect v1
thanks a lot

Processing + SimpleOpenNi + Export exe | YS Tech Share


Sorry, we’re trying to help you, but it’s hard without having access to your hardware. You need to run the files manually via the command line, not via the .exe. That will show you any errors you’re getting.

I run in CMD and have not any error. in my program in above when don’t connect the Kinect must be have this error:" Can’t init SimpleOpenNI, maybe the camera is not connected!"
but don’t write this. run in CMD too and don’t see this error and only gray window. what is this mean?