Google Developer Academy

Hi Kevin,

I saw from your Linkedin that you are the curriculum lead for Google Developer Academy. I used to be a non-tech Googler and I actually left Google to switch careers to software engineering as I didn’t know about GDA before I left.

I was wondering if Google has any plans to outsource or share their curriculum externally (or might it be possible for Xooglers to get access to it)?

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Hey Sara, nice to meet you!

Google Developer Academy is relatively new, so there’s a chance it didn’t exist yet when you were there.

The curriculum is pretty specific for internal Google tools and frameworks, so I doubt we’ll ever release the curriculum publicly since it wouldn’t really make sense for folks without access to those systems.

That said, I can roughly outline some fundamental concepts that would give you a similar context, if you’re curious:

  1. Fundamentals of Java
  2. HTML
  3. JavaScript
  4. Java servers
  5. Google Cloud

That would give you “full stack” experience. I’d be happy to chat more about how you might approach this if you’re curious!