Request to have a gradle tutorial under Android tutorial section.

In other words, how could I build an app from scratch from the command line. What is gradle and what are the basic and minimum settings?


The funny thing is, I’ve actually never used Gradle outside of the bare minimum required for libGDX, and even then it’s mostly a black box to me.

I’ve been thinking about adding a Maven tutorial, and maybe I’ll try to add a Gradle tutorial as well, but it’s not a super high priority since I don’t think you really need it for the basic workflows I want to introduce.

Great, a maven tutorial is great. I am looking into Gradle as I want to get some Kotlin rolling. I also want to setup a tutorial like yours setting up Kotlin and running/transitioning into Kotlin from the Java side. Work in progress… It is good to see your perspective about Gradle. This shows me I shouldn’t put a big effort, at least not at the beginning.