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Hosting on AWS

So far, we’ve been developing locally by turning our own computers into a server that we access using the localhost:8080 URL. Running locally is a good habit to get into, because you want to test your changes before you unveil them to the entire world. But if you want other people to be able to visit your web app, you have to host your server somewhere.

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Is aws free ?

The short answer is no.

I would recommend googling something like “AWS pricing” for a ton of results, including this pricing guide:

It’s a little confusing, because the price of AWS depends on exactly what parts of AWS you use, how much traffic you get, that kind of thing. Generally a little example project that only you look at will cost something like a few bucks per month, but it ramps up from there based on a number of factors.

I can’t give you an accurate estimate. The only thing I can recommend is to use the AWS pricing calculator, and to spin up a project and monitor it over time.

@Madhu_Chiki While AWS is not free, there are other free server hosting services (like 000webhost.com). But note that the plans are very limited.