How to make a Processing showcase?

I’m teaching a Processing class, and at the end of the course I’d like to showcase my students’ work. I’m thinking of projecting their sketches onto a screen, and having the display cycle through the sketches one at a time.

What’s the best way to do that?

I know the basics of programming, but I’m not exactly an expert, and I don’t have much of a budget. Is there a simple way to display a bunch of Processing sketches like this?


How many sketches do you have in mind to show? Do you want to present screenshots?
Do you want to do this in Processing or P5.JS?

If you have screenshots I have some suggestions:

You can have them display randomly, with a name and a brief description.

You could display them in an orderly manner, where you define the order (based on a list, or tag umber that you defined apriori)

You could have a list with links, where each link will open the work of a single student

You can show case 5 at the time

Or you could even have a small video of each project. there is a lib available in processing that allows you to do that.



I’ll have between 20 and 30 sketches. I want to present the sketches, not just screenshots or videos. We’re using the Processing editor, but we can use Processing.js if that helps.

How would I show the sketches in order? Is that a Processing feature? If so where can I find it?

Thank you for your help!

You could write a simple Java program that uses Processing as a library and cycles through the sketches.

I’ve put together an example here:

Good luck, sounds interesting!

Thank you both for the replies!