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Intro to Intro to Web Development

January 3, 2022

I got a teaching job! Starting in a couple weeks, I’m going to be an adjunct professor at my alma mater teaching an Intro to Web Development course.

Read the full article at https://happycoding.io/blog/intro-to-intro-to-web-dev

Loved the post. I’m gonna recommend the text Computer Science in K-12: An A - Z handbook for teaching programming. We used it as a reference during my computer science education extension through the college of St. Scholastica & my local chapter of CSTA is currently reading it.

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Oooh thank you for the pointer, I’ll check it out!

This all just makes for a very happy Josh. STOKED, I tell you – so many reasons, most of them connected to time, space and personal history.

Great layout, solid content, tons of fun discovery for your students.

I do have a few observations that maybe would be helpful, or maybe you should just ignore since you won’t truly know what works and what doesn’t till you learn by doing.

Mostly, I wonder if a few topics might warrant more time at the expense of some of the later cool stuff. Sounds like you are already wondering on at least one of these.

  • Playing with raw html elements (perhaps week 1 could be weeks 1 and 2)
  • Loops and arrays (perhaps 1 week for each)
  • Maybe objects – if they will be anything more than lumps of fields

Oh, and as for frameworks and tools for beginners, I still love Notepad! :wink:

Happy Teaching Happy Coders!

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Thanks!! Yeah it all feels like a culmination of MANY things, going all the way back to high school and even before that.

I appreciate the feedback, and I agree with you. I’ll see what I can incorporate as I put together the content, and of course we’ll see what falls apart when it encounters reality.

Notepad is great! I’ve “upgraded” to Atom, but even that sometimes feels like it has too many bells and whistles. All I really want is a text editor with syntax highlighting and auto-formatting and nothing else!!

Thanks again for the feedback, I’ll keep you updated about how it goes!

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I bascially doing this exact course right now. We started out with some HTML and we’re just stepping into styling with CSS.

I did go ahead and introduce them to VSCode. I didn’t do a lot of extensions but just having Emmet completions in there is really nice. It also helped them by autocompleting src and href paths.

I’ve forked your repo and will be monitoring it closely. Excelllent stuff.

Thanks! I’d be curious to hear more about your class as well. What grade are you teaching?

Dear Kevin,
I am very happy with the realization of such a big dream for you!
I can’t give you advice, but your sincere enthusiasm tells me that you will be able to value what you do.
You will give life to everything you teach your students.
Congratulations !

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