Java Tutorials


May 13, 2017

Happy Coding now has Java tutorials!

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Epic! here are some more of the best Java tutorials.


I haven’t really started advertising this site yet, mostly because of that unfinished feeling. But I know that feeling will never go away, and the addition of Java tutorials feels like a pretty good place.

Great effort for your Java docs! Banner looks great. how is that working out? Can you track how many ppl is clicking on it?



Thanks @kfrajer!

My goal was to basically just spend the leftover money I had ($33.83), so that’s what I did. The ad ran from the beginning of June to the beginning of October, and it received 204,291 views (114,281 unique) and 354 clicks (322 unique). This was all basically free because it was just leftover money, so I wasn’t really worried about it. I just now looked at these numbers for the first time right now.

At this point I suppose I could do something like advertise on Facebook and Twitter and Google, and maybe compare results, but honestly that sounds boring and not really what I’m interested in, haha. I’d much rather focus on the content and not worry about advertising at all.

I do have an idea for a pretty cool motivating project in 2018, and the content is being used in a more “official” capacity at an outreach program I’m involved in at work. So in general I’m pretty excited about where things are going!