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So far, you’ve learned how to use GitHub Pages and HTML to build your own website. If you’re not familiar with those concepts, go read about GitHub Pages and then come back!

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Odd, seems like something is missing here:

Happens again here:

Oh weird! That looks like an issue with the forum itself. The way it works is I post stuff on HappyCoding.io, then the forum automatically creates posts from those pages, and the replies to those posts show up as comments on HappyCoding.io proper.

Here’s the original post: Jekyll - Happy Coding

The commands show up properly there, so there must be something wrong with the forum.

Thanks for pointing this out! I’ll look into it, but for now hopefully folks can see it in the original post. Or just in case, here they are:

To test that Jekyll is installed properly, run this command:

jekyll -version

To start Jekyll, run this command:

jekyll serve
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