Jetty Setup

When we use the term server, we might mean two different things:

This tutorial goes through the process of downloading Jetty, which is a (software) server, and running it on your computer to turn your computer into a (hardware) server.

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I believe this favicon is the Jetty server’s favicon.
I ran jetty on my pc recently and now even when I am running a webapp on the Tomcat server, I get this favicon for all my webapps.
Why so?
Am I getting something wrong?
Has this happened to anyone else?

I opened the same url on firefox and it works fine there.

Maybe this is an issue with Brave browser only.

My guess is that this is because of your cache. Your browser has the favicon cached, so it’s showing that for everything on the localhost domain.

Try clearing your cache and see if the favicon changes. (I usually do a cache-clearing refresh, on my keyboard that’s ctrl+f5.)

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It worked. Thanks