Need Help with a react-based web app (hobby project)

I have a web app built in react. I wish it to have the feature where after visiting the website, once the users are logged in, they can enter 1 decimal number each day [ASSUME THIS FOR SIMPLICITIY] and on the basis of users’ input, there will be a separate page which shows a daily/ weekly/ monthly leaderboard based on the total sum of the input by the users.

How should I move forward? What technologies do I need to use for this?
(I guess I’ll need to use some database and do some backend stuff.)

I found out that my frontend needs to send the user input to a backend server which then stores it in a database. That’s basically it.
Also, I will need to create a register/login system for each user.

Yep, exactly. React is a frontend framework, and to let users log in and save information, you’re going to need a backend.

I wrote a very high level tutorial on creating a social networking app here:

And I wrote some Java server tutorials here:

Or since you already have some JavaScript experience, you might also be interested in checking out node.js:

I don’t have much experience with node.js, but let me know if you want to chat through any of this!

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I checked out nodejs, it seems like a good choice. Moreover, I have decided to work with NoSQL database (mongoDB).

Topic: Need some help. Error with the hosted website.

The leaderboards page doesn’t work when typed directly in the url bar.

But, when I navigate from the home page to the leaderboards page then it works fine.

Also, this works fine when the frontend server is running on localhost. viz. I can access the http://localhost:5173/leaderboards directly.

My github repo

Hmm I’ve never used Netflify before, but I just searched for open in new tab "page not found" and found this which sounds promising:

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Still don’t know what’s the reason behind that bug.
But its alright, as I have a strong feeling that sometime soon in the future I will be able to resolve this bug, as I build more stuff and expand my knowledge. So, I guess I will wait till then.