Reading Pen data in Surface Pro

Hi Everyone, I have a drawing/animation app that I wrote in Processing to work on a Cintiq Companion. That tablet went the way of all devices and I replaced it with a surface pro. Does anyone have any ideas about reading pen data (x & y coordinates and pressure) on the Surface Pro. I have some ideas but I’d rather not rewrite the sketch in P5.js. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks.

Maybe this is a silly question, but wouldn’t the x and y position correspond to the mouse position?

I’ve never done this myself, but my best advice is to go “one level up” from Processing or p5.js, into Java or JavaScript. I doubt you’ll find something specific for Processing or p5.js, but you might be able to find a library that works in Java or JavaScript. After you find that, you can integrate it with Processing or p5.js.

From a quick search, I found a couple results that look promising:

Hi Kevin, thanks for the response. I will check out those links, thanks D

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