Simpleopenni for prcessing arm

hi guys
I use raspberry pi 3 model b and processing arm . I want use Kinect for skeleton tracking but can’t find simpleopenni for processing arm.all of simpleopenni for Linux that I use , I have an error " this simpleopenni is for 64 bit processing"
please help me
best wishes

I don’t really know anything about simpleopenni, but looking at the download page, they don’t seem to have an ARM version. This forum thread seems to confirm that.

Sounds like you’re out of luck, sorry.

i try to use simpleopenni on your download page but when use simpleopenni-32 bit have this error
One suggestion (and probably only) of the option is to compile library source on arm platform and generate shared object your self for your platform (in this case ARM)
but i don’t know which way can compile it
may help me
thanks a lot

Right, I was only showing you that there wasn’t an ARM download. I don’t really know what to tell you.

You might have better luck if you contact the simpleopenni developers directly.

Thanks for your attention
do you know which way can compile simpleopenni-linux 32 to ARM

I don’t really know anything about simpleopenni or ARM architecture. Why don’t you just use a supported architecture?