Submit action -> delay on server -> return

Hi Kevin

I have this idea. I have a form with a submit button. The client submits and the server receives and executes the script since <form action="execute-server.php"..."

Is it possible for the server not to return right away but it could wait… say 5 minutes? I know the connection will time out on the client side. What would be the proper way to do something like this? So to be clear, after 5 minutes the server delivers the page: Hello World. Could this be done via http? I have a feeling this protocol would not allow me to do that… reminds me of the API message discussions we had before.


Look into long polling which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: instead of returning immediately, the server can take a long time to come back with a response.

If you need something fancier, then you’re looking at something like websockets. Here’s a link with a lot of good info:

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