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Teaching a processing course - page not found

I am designing an introduction to programming course for high school students using processing, and the page “Teaching a Processing Class” was proving immensely helpful in designing the curriculum, but it seems like this page no longer exists. The link to the page was Intro to Coding with p5.js and Processing - Happy Coding. I would greatly appreciate if this page could be restored. Thanks!


Sorry about that. I deleted the teaching pages because I didn’t think they were very useful, so it’s awesome to hear that you were actually using them!

For now I’ve added back the pages, so the link you posted should work again.

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By the way, instead of deleting that page, I decided to go back and update it to hopefully be more useful. Update is live:

I’m hoping this is more useful, but if for some reason you want to see the old content, you can view that on GitHub here.