Welcome to Happy Coding!

Welcome to the Happy Coding forum!

HappyCoding.io is a collection of coding tutorials, examples, blog posts, and other random nerdiness. This forum is for anybody who has a question, wants to share their work, or just wants to say hi and talk about coding!


i am glad to be here

Hey, @Kevin, fwiw, you have two dead links in this pinned post: Twitter and FB

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Thanks! Fixed.

Awesome! I just came across this now. I read your Collision Detection - Happy Coding tutorial/guide and found it was very eye-opening to some of the techniques used for collisions detection.

Thank you so much! You explained “Take Your Time”, “Give Yourself Goals” and “The Process” that are so unbelievably helpful. I am a self-learner in Taiwan. All around me, the teachers and text books make a simple concept complex, but your tutorials for example “Arrays” are really good and easy to follow. They make me want to learn whatever you are teaching!

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Hi, i’ve seen the message in the browser’s inspector and here i am!

I would take this time to congrats with you for your awesome work, i followed your tutorials on P5 and they were so formative!

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Oh wow, I think you might be the first person to find the secret message! Nice to meet you!

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Hello from Mexico everyone! Happy to be here, Thank you for creating the opportunity :slight_smile:

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