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Where to put the P5.js offline reference?

Thank you for the extremely helpful tutorials. My embarrassing question: I’ve downloaded the offline reference manual for P5.js, just like I did for Processing several months ago, because I spend some of my coding time away from wifi access. But I don’t know what directory to extract the files to. Whatever I did for Processing (which I cannot remember) works, but what I’m doing now for P5 isn’t working. I’m working in Windows 10, using the Processing IDE in P5 mode, and have tried several logical-sounding spots without success.

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From what I can tell, it looks like you can put it pretty much anywhere.

For example, I unzipped it to my desktop, so I had a p5-reference directory on my desktop.

Then I opened that directory and I saw there was an index.html file, so I opened that in my web browser.

That opened my web browser to this local url: file:///C:/Users/kevin/Desktop/p5-reference/index.html

Which showed an offline version of the reference:

What I think might be confusing you is that I’m not sure if there’s any integration between the Processing editor and the p5.js offline reference. I would probably open the reference in my browser like above, rather than going through the Processing editor.

Does that work?

Yes, this works perfectly – thank you so much!

And yes, what I was trying to do was to click on a keyword inside the IDE and have it magically pop up the reference page (like I can when I’m online and working in P5, or either on or off line in Processing). This solution is 99% ok, though.

I am immensely grateful to the people who developed both Processing and P5, and made it available to klutzes like me for free. And I vaguely understand how the small differences between them came into being. But boy, are they annoying …

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Yeah, I can definitely understand that.

For what it’s worth, I don’t use the Processing editor to edit p5.js. I usually use the p5.js editor (which you can get to work offline by downloading the page), or I edit the code locally in a general code editor like jEdit or Notepad++ or Atom.

Some more info here if you’re curious: