Wireframing Programs

Hi… I know this post is not strictly about coding - so please accept my apologies if it is not an appropriate post.

Does anyone have any experience (good or otherwise!) with wire framing apps? Which are best? I am trying to develop an app for an idea of mine, and it’s proving to be a bigger project than I thought - so I need to start planning much more!

At work I know designers use Figma a lot. For web stuff I personally see a lot of value in making little prototypes in HTML.

But honestly, I wouldn’t get too hung up on picking a tool. You can use anything you’re comfortable with- something like MS Paint or even a piece of paper and a pencil gets you pretty far!

I have some experience with figma. I think its really good.

I totally agree with Kevin. You should try using whatever tool you come across and find out yourself
which one you like the most.