Server Tutorial "Post Requests" Homework

Dear Sensei (@Kevin),

At risk of asking a dump question about the Post Request tutorial: What do you mean by threaded replies?

I googled the term, but only got some articles about threading servlets and your very Thread Safety tutorial, which are all neat but don’t really answer my question. Furthermore, it was my understanding that all incoming requests are already threaded by the server - clients do not talk to a Servlet instance, but get their own thread assigned. Or something like that.

If I wanted to stream the chat from your tutorial, I’d personally use a websocket - just for fun, and it seems sensible. Also in that case I’d know how to create a thread for each request on that socket.

Perhaps it is exactly this thought which confuses me about what you mean by threaded replies? :slight_smile:
I did, however, check your Thread Safety tutorial, and will do it in detail soon. But if anything it seems to confirm my suspicion that the requests/replies already run on threads; hence the synchronization of those within that tutorial.

Please help me out on this one!
I confess I don’t always do the homework, but I’d like to at least come up with some concept/ approach in my mind.

Threaded reply can be equated with whatsapp or fb messenger reply to feature. In whatsapp you can hold a message and use reply to . So it creates a threaded message. ( for more info)

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Yeah sorry if my explanation wasn’t clear, but @humblelad has it exactly right. I meant comments that you could reply to. Here’s a wikipedia article that explains what I meant:

oooh, now I get it! So I was on the completely wrong track! :smiley:

Thank’s @humblelad and @Kevin, I shall endeavor to investigate the subject!